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Move in Cleaning


Aqua Cleaning is aware of the standards desired by Property Developers Estate agents and many other agencies. To meet their expectations, Aqua Cleaning Team boasts of its highly specialized training in tidying all types of rooms or buildings, whether these are for dwelling, working, educational, recreational, or other purposes. Aqua Cleaning’s high quality cleaning materials and equipment are just perfect in sanitizing and restoring order in rooms, houses, and other buildings vacated by leaving occupants – perfect in preparing the place for incoming residents!

As a bonus, Aqua Cleaning Team includes non-domestic actual cleaning: Change of Linen! Yes! And this is done on top of full cleaning of flats/houses managed by estate agents either for short or long term occupancy, or for selling or exchanging of properties.

It is in a landlords and salesman’s best interest to present their property in as good conditions as possible when selling/letting it again to future buyers/tenants.

AQUA Cleaning offers numerous experienced staffs or teams: painters and cleaners, window cleaners, carpenters, tile, kitchen/bathroom fitters for quick repairs before selling/letting properties. Our experienced Staffs use all the necessary tools and equipment for their work.